Course Description

Dayforce is a comprehensive cloud platform that combines HR, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management in a single application. The HCM software is built with a single, flexible rules engine combined with real-time updates and calculations that help address complex regulatory requirements.

Dayforce is a single SaaS application for HR, payroll, tax, benefits, workforce management, talent management and several related activities.

Dayforce HCM is a single, cloud solution that spans human capital management domains with one employee record and one user experience throughout the application. Built on a single database, Dayforce HCM enables organizations to find and hire the right people, process pay, manage benefits enrollment, maintain HR records, and schedule staff while monitoring compliance throughout the employee lifecycle.

After analyzing its progress in the market, we have designed this course based on the latest trends.

Major companies using Edison Learning, Inc.,U.S. Security Associates, Inc.,HRchitect, Inc. ,KIPP NEW JERSEY, PROTEGE PARTNERS L L C

2,496 Companies using Dayforce.

61% of Dayforce customers are in United States and 24% are in Canada.

The average salary of Dayforce per annum is $868,200 – Neuvoo.


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Course Content

1.Manager Training

A day in the life of a manager   

  • Getting started for managers
  • Scheduling a shift
  • Resolving timesheet problems
  • Sending a message
  • Responding to a time off request
2.Scheduling your staff
  • Introducing the schedule
  • Building a schedule
  • Scheduling employees in the grid view
    1. Scheduling shifts in the grid view
    2. Scheduling a split shift
  • Adding shift rotations in the grid view
  1. Verifying the schedule in the grid view
3.Scheduling employees in the bar view
  • Scheduling shifts in the bar view
  • Editing a shift
  • Adding shift rotations in the bar view
  • Verifying the schedule in the bar view
4.Scheduling employees using templates
  • Templates overview
  • Creating and using a schedule template
  • Assigning employees to unfilled shifts
  • Creating and using a schedule type template
  • Advanced template scheduling
5.Copying a schedule from a previous week
6.Editing a schedule
7.Finalizing the schedule
8.Tracking time and attendance
  • Introducing the timesheet
  • Finding and correcting problems
    1. Finding and correcting timesheet problems
    2. Authorizing a timesheet
  • Scenario: You allowed a late start or early departure
  1. Scenario: Employee called in sick
9.Recording transfers
10.Authorizing and approving a pay period
11.Making a retroactive adjustment
  • Running a report
  • Attendance roll call report
  • Department hours pay summary report
  • Employee comments report
  • Employee punch report
  • Employee transfer report
  • Hours by department report
  • Missing pay records report
  • Pay detail report
  • Payroll inactivity report
  • Pay summary report
  • Projected hours report
  • Punch exception report
  • Timesheet audit report
  • Unauthorized records report
  • Page ii
  • Managing employees
  • Introducing employee records
  • Recording time off for employees
  • Reviewing and updating your location’s tasks
  • Viewing and updating employee records
  • Updating an employee’s work assignments
  • Creating a new personal goal for an employee
  • Managing employee availability
  • Using the position and compensation change form
  • Adding a new hire
  • Off-boarding an employee
  • Attaching files to an employee record
  • TeamRelate for Managers
  • TeamRelate for Recruiters and Hiring Managers
  • TeamRelate in Performance
  • TeamRelate in Dayforce for managers
14.Your account
  • Delegating your role

• Managing HR incidents
• Building a job requisition
• Recording dockets against a shift


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