Course Description

​Informatica Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) training benefits an organization by resolving complex data issues and reducing the cost of ownership.

An organization can manage the increase in the growth of data by utilizing the services of ILM.

ILM helps from the development phase to the production phase for aligning the data in a more structured way based upon an organization’s infrastructure.

Our Course agenda covers all the vital aspects of ILM, making a professional work effortlessly on this Informatica application.

Our certified trainers guide you to reach your goals by covering more of a practical approach than theoretical.

Learn more on ILM by enrolling in Live training to gain most of it.

Online classes involve a separate session on certification and its process, which make you get hired by reputed organizations around the globe.


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Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to ILM Data Archive

  • Describe Informatica’s approach to the data archive
  • Introduction to the ILM Data Archive architecture
  • Identify the components of the Data Archive

Module 2: System Administration

  • Describe the system configuration
  • Create and manage source and target connections
  • Describe JDBC connectivity
  • Describe auditing

Module 3: Users and Security

  • Creating and managing users
  • Describing the concepts of system-defined roles
  • Describe the significance of the Administrator role and its privileges
  • Describe the use of security groups
  • Describe the required database privileges
  • Describe the various file archive roles

Module 4: Informatica Enterprise Data Manager

  • Describe the ILM Enterprise Data Manager (EDM)
  • Describe the EDM architecture
  • Describe the key benefits of using the EDM

Module 5: ILM Data Archive Web UI

  • Describe the archive process flow
  • Create a source repository
  • Create a target repository
  • Create a security group
  • Create and define an archive project
  • Schedule and run an archive project
  • Monitor the status of the archive job
  • Open and read the Row Count report

Module 6: ILM Data Archive Web UI Online Restore

  • Describe the restore process
  • Describe the restored flow
  • Describe the various methods to restore an archive
  • Describe a cycle restore project
  • Describe a transaction restore project

Module 7: Seamless Access Module

8: Describe and create a seamless access jobModule

9: ILM Data Archive-Application Retirement Module

10: Introduction to ILM Data Archive

  • Describe Informatica’s approach to Application Retirement
  • Describe Informatica ILM DATA ARCHIVE
  • Explain ILM Data Archive Architecture

Module 11: System Administration

  • Describe System Configuration
  • Explain Source and Target Connections
  • Explain JDBC Connectivity
  • Describe Auditing

Module 12: Users and Security

  • Creating and Managing Users
  • Understand the concept of System-Defined Roles
  • Describe the significance of Administrator Role and its privileges
  • Describe Security groups
  • Explain Database privileges
  • Describe File Archive user roles

Module 13: Informatica Enterprise Data Manager

  • Describe ILM Enterprise Data Management (EDM)
  • Describe its Architecture
  • Describe the key features, benefits, and uses

Module 14: ILM File Archive Service (FAS)

  • Describe features and architecture

Module 15: ILM Application Retirement Project

  • Describe the application retirement process
  • Create a source repository
  • Create a target repository
  • Create a security group
  • Create a retirement project
  • Schedule and run the retirement job
  • Open and read the Row Count report

Module 16: Handling External Attachments

  • Describe how to manage attachments

Module 17: Data Discovery Retention Management and Legal Hold

  • Describe Discovery Portal
  • Describe retention management and types of retention
  • Describe the significance of legal hold


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