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Our Salesforce Dev Training course is a job oriented course ie at the end of the course you can
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✅Lifetime access✅Lifetime video access
✅Real-time case studies✅The project integrated into the Curriculum
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1. Introduction to – Apex:
  • What is MVC Pattern in
  • What is an Apex and how it works? – with sharing and without sharing
  • Introduction to Oops and its featuresClass
  • Object
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism
  • Inheritance
  • Abstraction
2. Apex Contd.:
  • Different data types, looping controls, expressions etc.
  • Writing sample apex class by using the above requirements.
  • Introduction to Apex data types
  • Introduction to Collection using LIST/SET and MAP
  • Iteration of LIST/SET and MAP using loop and Iterator
  • Exception Handling in Apex
3. Introduction to SOQL:
  • How to Write SOQL in Salesforce
  • How to Use SOQL in Apex – how to Iterate SOQL
  • How to travel from Child to Parent in SOQL
  • How to travel from Parent to Child in SOQL
  • How to execute query in developer console
4. Introduction to SOSL:
  • How to Write SOSL in Salesforce
  • How to Use SOSL in Apex – how to Iterate SOSL
5. Introduction to Visual Force:
  • What is Visualforce Page?
  • Create a Sample Visualforce Page i.e. putting Java script etc…
  • Displaying Field Values,Related Lists on a Page
  • What is Controller?Different types of Controllers?- Standard Controller and Custom Controllers and extension controller
  • How to Travel from Parent to Child in Visual Force – using Child Relationship Name
  • How to invoke the apex?
  • How to Iterate in Visualforce using Data Table/Data list/ Page Block Table
  • How to Launch Visual Force page as a Tab
  • Performing DML operations from Visualforce pages
6. Introduction to Trigger and its Best Practices:
  • Objectives of writing a trigger in Salesforce with Live Use Case
  • Trigger Events
  • Trigger Context Variables
  • Calling handler classes from triggers
  • Using List and Set in Triggers, making them bulkfy
  • Best Practices of Triggers
7. Introduction to Test Classes in Salesforce:
  • Understanding Testing in Apex
  • Why unit test coverage and its best practices
  • Write Test Class For Apex Class & Trigger
  • How to create Test Data
  • How to access private data members of a class in test classes
  • Best practices of writing Test classes
8. Introduction to Batch Classes in Salesforce:
  • Understanding Batch in Apex
  • Why batch classes required and its best practices
  • Write Batch classes – Live implementation
9. Introduction to Schedulable in Salesforce:
  • Understanding Schedulable in Apex
  • Why Schedulable classes required and its best practices
  • Write Schedulable classes – Live implementation
10. Introduction to Web services/Integration:
  • Why Web Services required in salesforce
  • Creating RESTFUL Web Services – using Live example – Consuming and Exposing
  • Best Practices of Writing web services
11. Deployment Model using Change Set:
  • How to Deploy from One Sandbox to Another Sandbox
  • How to Deploy from Sandbox to Production using Change Set
12. Live Scenario, Doubts Session and How to work on Real Env.:
  • Live Scenario, Doubts Session and How to work on Real Env.


  • How to define Constants
  • Custom Settings
  • Custom Label
  • Remote site setting
  • Connected Apps
  • Apex Sharing


❓ Do you offer any discount/offer?

✅ Yes, offers keep changing from time to time. You can chat with us or call our training coordinator for more details.

❓ Is there any demo video which I can watch before enrolling to the course?

✅ Yes, we have provided a Demo video section on each course page so that you can get a glimpse into the course you want to enroll.

❓ How soon after signing up would I get access to the learning content?

✅ Yes, we will provide access to all the learning materials after the complete payment for the course.

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