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Course Content

1. Global Human Resources
  • Overview
  • Introduction to the User Interface
  • Working with Functional Setup Manager
  • Enabling Offering and Functional areas for Implementation
  • Defining Geographies
  • Setting up Enterprise Structures and Enterprise Structure components
  • Reference Data sets and Business Units
  • Job and Position Structures
  • Managing Enterprise HCM Information
  • Enabling position Synchronization
  • Working with the Day Information and Number Generation
  • Defining a Legal Address and Legal Entity
  • Setting up Jobs, Position, Locations, Organizations and Actions
  • Defining Grades and Grade Rates
  • Profile Options
  • Approval Transactions
  • Workforce Task list and Person record values
  • Administering workers, add person and Manage employment in Global HR
  • Using Directory, My team and About Me work areas
  • Updating personal information – Employee
  • ESS and MSS
  • Mass updates
  • Overview on Security
2. Practice – Global HR
  • Creating an Implementation Project
  • Defining a Legal Address
  • Defining a Legal Entity
  • Setting up an Employment Model and Linking a Legislative Data Group to Legal Entity
  • Creating a Set ID
  • Creating a Business Unit
  • Mapping Business Unit Set Assignment to Reference Data Set
  • Creating Location, Division, Department and Action
  • Creating an Organization Tree
  • Creating a Collective Agreement
  • Creating Grade, Grade Rate, Job and Position
  • Hiring an employee to test the setup
  • Managing Calendar Events and Work schedules
  • Create work relationship and Manage employment
  • Transfer, terminate and Assign an area of responsibility
3. Payroll
  • Introduction
  • Pay Frequencies
  • Payroll Definitions
  • Time Definitions
  • Payroll Elements
  • Elements Overview
  • Input Values and Various Rules
  • Payroll Deductions
  • Element Entries and Calculation Cards
  • Fast Formulas
  • User Defined Tables and Fast formula Overview
  • Creating Fast Formulas
  • Balances
  • Balance Definitions
  • Balance Dimensions
  • Balance Feeds
  • Calculate Payroll
  • Event Groups
  • Payment Methods
  • Personal Payment Method
  • Third Parties
  • Third Party Payment Methods
  • Payroll Costing
  • Payroll Calculations
  • Payroll Batch Loader
  • Retroactive Changes
  • Balance Adjustments
  • Pay slip Review
  • Object Groups
  • Payroll Flow Patterns
  • Payroll Business Definitions
  • Security for Payroll
4. Practice – Payroll
  • Creating Consolidation Group
  • Creating Weekly and semimonthly Payroll Definition
  • Hiring employees
  • Creating Shift earnings element
  • Creating Semi-monthly flex earnings element
  • Creating on-call earnings element
  • Creating fitness center deduction element
  • Creating a uniform deduction element
  • Creating element entries employees hired
  • Creating Calculation cards for an involuntary deduction
  • Creating a Balance definition
  • Updating a Balance definition for elements
  • Calculating weekly payroll and viewing results
  • Updating employee salary
  • Creating an organization, personal, third party payment methods
  • Creating Costing for the Semi-monthly Flex Element
  • Creating an Element and Payroll relationship group
  • Creating a Payroll Flo0w Pattern
  • Entering and transferring Batch data
  • Processing the payroll flow and verifying the pay slips
  • Updating the salary and viewing the retroactive event
  • Adjusting a tax balance and viewing the adjusted balance
  • Calculating the Supplemental Bonus Payroll
  • Creating Element Entries for a Separate Payment
5. Time & Labour
  • Overview
  • Managing elements and Creating a custom time attribute
  • Repeating time periods
  • Time consumer sets
  • Time categories
  • Time Card Fields
  • Layout Sets
  • HCM Groups
  • Worker Time entry Setup Profiles
  • Time rules and rule sets
  • Rule templates
  • Worker time processing setup profiles
  • Using Time and Labor with Payroll
  • Configuring and processing time collection devices
  • Administering Mass Time Reporting Approvals & Exceptions
6. Practice – Time & Labour
  • Creating Custom Time Attribute
  • Assignment and Meal Taken Single-Attribute Time Card Fields
  • Editing the Hours Type (T&L) Time Card Field
  • Configuring the Absence and Payroll Layout Set
  • Creating the Include as Direct Member Group
  • Creating the Full-Time Regular and Grade for Supervisor Group
  • Creating the Weekly Payroll Worker Time Entry Setup Profile
  • Troubleshooting the Weekly Payroll Worker Time Entry Profile Assignment
  • Creating Repeating Time Periods
  • Creating the Payroll Time Consumer Set
  • Creating Time Categories
  • Creating Weekly Payroll Maximum and Minimum Time Entry Rules
  • Creating a Weekly Payroll Time Entry Rule Set
  • Creating a Daily Overtime Calculation Rule
  • Creating a Weekly Overtime Calculation Rule
  • Creating an Overtime Calculation Rule Set
  • Creating the Weekly Payroll Worker Time Processing Profile
  • Troubleshooting the Weekly Payroll Worker Time
  • Editing and Submitting the Saved Time Card
  • Adjusting Time Entries on a Time Card
  • Approving and Transferring Time Data to Global Payroll
  • Creating web clock buttons
  • Updating the Payroll Layout Set
  • Entering Time with the Web Clock
  • Generating and Viewing the Web Clock Time Card
  • Creating a Time Collection Device Supplier Lookup Code
  • Creating Supplier Device Event Lookup Codes
  • Creating Time Device Event Mappings
  • Creating a Time Device Event Mapping Set
  • Setting Shift Limits
  • Creating a Time Device Rule
  • Creating a Time Device Rule Set
  • Creating a Time Submission Rule and Rule Set
  • Creating a Time Device Processing Profile
  • Running the Export Time Device Data Configuration Process
  • Generating Time Events
  • Generating a Time Card with Time Device Events
  • Resolving Time Entry Exceptions
  • Finalizing and approving the time card
7. Absence Management
  • Overview
  • Accrual Plan Attributes and Participation
  • Absence Plans
  • Accrual Plan
  • Accrual Plan Participation
  • Eligibility Profiles
  • Derived Factors
  • Absence Plans and Payroll
  • Qualification Plans, Attributes and Participation
  • Rate Definitions and Elements
  • Absence Management Setup Framework
  • Absence Types and display features
  • Absence Certifications
  • Managing Absence records and entitlements
  • Schedule and Monitor absence process
8. Practice – Absence Management
  • Setting Up Basic Details for a Vacation Accrual Plan
  • Creating a Length of Service Derived Factor
  • Creating an Eligibility Profile
  • Associating the Eligibility Profile with the Vacation Plan
  • Creating Weekly Repeating Time Periods
  • Defining a Band Matrix for the Accrual Plan
  • Setting Adjustment Options for the Vacation Plan
  • Creating a Maternity Qualification Plan
  • Creating an Eligibility Profile for the Maternity Plan
  • Associating an Eligibility Profile with the Maternity Plan
  • Defining an Entitlement Matrix for the Qualification Plan
  • Activating the Absence Plans
  • Creating a Certification Requirement
  • Creating a Maternity Absence Type
  • Creating a Vacation Absence Type
9. Workflows
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Workflow & Approval Management Overview
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Approvals Setup and Maintenance
  • Approval Rules
  • Approver Types
  • Oracle BPM Worklist Examples


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✅ Yes, we have provided a Demo video section on each course page so that you can get a glimpse into the course you want to enroll.

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✅ Yes, we will provide access to all the learning materials after the complete payment for the course.

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