Course Description

Guidewire Billing Center Training is a complete CMS(Content Management Solution) for developing websites, Mobile Applications and Forms. It is used to handle your marketing assets. Through Guidewire Billing Center Training, you can increase your brand demand and Customer Loyalty. By 2025, Guidewire Billing Center Training will become one of the top content management systems.

After analyzing its progress in the market, we have designed this course based on the latest trends.

Major companies using Guidewire Billing Center Training are Dell, Barclays, Deloitte, Informatica, Mastercard, Microsoft, UBS, Thermo Fisher Scientific, DuPont, Palo Alto Networks.

The average salary of Guidewire Billing Center Training per annum is $168,200 – Neuvoo

Guidewire Billing Center Training training will help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary for building custom applications using templates and components.

It covers all the fundamentals of including architecture, JCR, OSGi framework, etc., through real-life projects and this will enable you to become a certified developer.


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Course Content

1. Intro to Guidewire billing center
  • Introduction to the Guidewire Insurance Suite.
  • Introduction to the Guidewire Billing Center.
2. Intro to Billing Center Configuration
  • Introduction to Guidewire Configuration
  • Intro to Data Model, Extending Entities, Creating Entities
  • Creating Backend Data Model for Customization
  • Creating new Entities, Extension, New, Subtypes
3. Configuration Fundamentals
  • Data Model Configuration.
  • Introduction to UI Architecture.
  • Intro to Atomic Widgets, Container Widgets.
  • Creating UI Locations – Navigable Components.
  • UI Locations, Popup, Page, Screen, Exit Points, Forward, Worksheet.
4. Billing Configuration UI Components
  • Implementation of Details View.
  • List View, Editable Details/List View.
  • Input Column, Input Sets, Reusable screen components.
  • Mapping Ui Field to Data Model Entities.
  • Intro to GOSU Programming Language.
5. Configuration Modes
  • Introduction to Guidewire Config Modes.
  • Implementing Multiple modes for business use case.
  • How to segregate certain screen for multiple line of Businesses.
  • Implement Input Set References for multiple Input Sets.
  • Intro to GOSU Programming Language.
6. Billing Center Business Rules
  • Introduction to GOSU programming – basics, syntax, object creation.
  • Implementing Guidewire Arrays and various features of arrays.
  • GOSU Queries and its restrictions – BEST Practices to use gosu programming.
  • Implement Input Set References for multiple Input Sets.
7. PCF Methods and Enhancement
  • Implementing PCF methods and screen level functionalities.
  • Writing Entity Enhancement for display properties.
  • Implementing Script Parameters, Partial Page update.
  • Writing Field Validators and depending drop down.
8. Billing Center Integration
  • Introduction to Guidewire Integration.
  • Usage of GOSU for Integration.
  • Introduction to GOSU Queries and GOSU Bundles.
  • Introduction to Predefined Plugins.
9. Billing Center Web Services
  • Introduction to Guidewire Web Services.
  • Inbound/ Outbound Web Services.
  • SOAP Web services Publication / Publishing.
  • SOAP Web Services Consumption.
  • Importing third party public domain web services.
10. Billing Center Messaging
  • Introduction to Guidewire Messaging.
  • Messaging Business Workflow.
  • Messaging Triggers from the root Entity.
  • Messaging config using configuration XML file.
  • Implementing Plugins for Request, Transport and Reply.
  • Messaging Payload, Message Context.
11. Billing – Batch Processes
  • Introduction to Batch Processes.
  • Creating new custom batch process.
  • Implementing business functionality using batch process.
12. Billing Center Business Analysis
  • Introduction to Billing Center Overview.
  • Billing Process, Billing Instructions.
  • Billing Plan, Invoicing and Payment.
  • Account Level Billing.
  • Policy Level Billing.
13. Billing Transactions
  • Payment Plan, Billing Plan, Delinquency Plan.
  • Commission Plan, Commission percentage.
14. Billing Payment Distributions
  • Introduction to Billing Distribution.
  • Reverse transactions, Modify Distribution.
  • Suspense Payment, Un distribute.
  • Billing Unapplied Funds – Money movement.
15. Billing Trouble Tickets
  • Handling Issues with Trouble Tickets.
  • Creation of a new Trouble Ticket.
  • Payment on Hold and their reversal flow.
16. appendix Guidewire Billing Center List of Knowledge and Skills
  • Knowledge & Skill.
  • Cross Cutting Knowledge and Skills.


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✅ Yes, offers keep changing from time to time. You can chat with us or call our training coordinator for more details.

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✅ Yes, we have provided a Demo video section on each course page so that you can get a glimpse into the course you want to enroll.

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✅ Yes, we will provide access to all the learning materials after the complete payment for the course.

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