How many of you have heard about CyberArk?

In this blog, I will share my experience of how I learned CyberArk through online training.

CyberArk is straight forward to use. Let me give a basic idea about this technology today that helps you make your career in CyberArk.

Here are few things to learn CyberArk.

How CyberArk can be defined?

CyberArk is used to give security to organizations. CyberArk blueprint is an innovative tool to provide higher protection for the organization. CyberArk is easy to implement and use.

CyberArk is a password management system used for privileged accounts.

It provides passwords automatically to give protection to the private account in the organization.

CyberArk provides global security to the authorized accounts in the organization.

CyberArk features:

CyberArk significant features are:

  • Select session manager
  • Elite meeting manager for SSH
  • The vault
  • Private danger analysis
  • SSH key manager
  • Key safe web access
  • Application session manager

Why CyberArk PAM needed?

CyberArk PAM addresses a wide range of use cases for secure selected accounts.

It refers to complete IT privacy used to control computers and to protect human, non-human safety.

Who should learn CyberArk?

Everyone be able to know CyberArk, with no limitations on it. CyberArk is beneficial for everyone interested in learning about authorized accounts security.
It is related to Professionals, Network Engineers, Project Managers, etc.

What are the Prerequisites required to learn CyberArk?

There are no particular prerequisites to be needed for CyberArk.
But it’s enough to know about Unix, Windows, and Linux operating systems to learn advanced CyberArk.

It will help if you have a tip of knowledge on SaaS models and Cloud Computing.

What are the types of training available on CyberArk?

  • Self-paced learning:

In self-learning, you need to learn on your own with a given set of videos.
They will also provide you YouTube videos, PDF materials.

  • Instructor led-live training:

Instructor-led online provides you a dedicated trainer who will train you throughout the exercise.

Many organizations provide CyberArk Training, but as per my thought, CLOUDWORKS will be the best way to proceed.

They will provide you a free demo session, and you can also clarify your doubts.

Does training is required to learn CyberArk?

Ultimately yes, from my side, to improve skills and knowledge, training is necessary for everyone.

To learn IT and computer skills, you need excellent training.
Training is crucial because it gives an excellent opportunity in companies.
The best thing about the online training is that they will provide you a tool or tenant access to have a practical approach to the topic.

Let me give some tips for Interview preparation:

After completing your training, build a better resume and upload it on the job websites. And you will receive few notifications regarding Job openings.
To get good opportunities, upload your resume in Naukri.
Always have some basic knowledge of topics and core subjects.

An Interview is hardly a trial of your recognition but your ability to use it at the right time matters.

How do I get certification?

Want to get qualified for the CyberArk certification exam?

Here is an idea: First, we need to check for the organizations which are the partner to the  CyberArk.
So, I suggest you choose your company wisely.
CyberArk provides certifications for various roles and experiences.

Opportunities for CyberArk:

They are plenty of opportunities for CyberArk. Some of them are:

  • Global Cash and Compliance Analyst
  • Cyber Strategy Consultant
  • Cyber Security Architect
  • IAM Professionals
  • Cyber Security Executive
  • Cyber Security Manager

What are the CyberArk Partnered Companies?

  • Accenture
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • SAP
  • Fortinet
  • ServiceNow


CyberArk is a password management tool used to maintain security for authorized organizations.

Without a second thought, I can say that by pursuing CyberArk, you can lead Bright Career.

CyberArk is providing you plenty of opportunities to use your skills and knowledge.

If you are interested in learning CyberArk, here I suggest you join CLOUDWORKS for Online Training.

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Best of Luck!