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Course Content

1.Introduction and Overview
  • IBM Tivoli Access Manager functions
  • IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business
  • Product prerequisites
  • Supported platforms and the user registries.
  • Installing Tivoli Access Manager
3.Tivoli Access Manager and the LDAP User Registry
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol overview
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol entries
  • Role the user registry in IBM Tivoli Access Manager
4.Managing Access Control
  • pdadmin and the Web Portal Manager
  • Managing users and groups
  • Domain membership and multiple domains
  • Defining access control lists (ACLs)
  • Managing access control lists
  • Protected object policies (POPs)
  • Managing protected object policies
  • Internet Protocol (IP) authentication
5.Introduction to WebSEAL
  • Overview and architecture
  • Protecting web resources.
  • WebSEAL authentication mechanisms
  • WebSEAL junctions
  • Web space scalability
  • Single sign-on
6.WebSEAL Installation and Configuration
  • WebSEAL installation components
  • WebSEAL installation prerequisites
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Management
7.WebSEAL Authentication
  • Basic authentication
  • Authentication methods
  • Forms authentication
  • Client-side certificate authentication
  • HTTP header authentication
  • Internet Protocol (IP) authentication
  • Token authentication
8.WebSEAL Junctions
  • Standard WebSEAL junctions
  • Managing standard WebSEAL junctions
  • WebSEAL link filtering
  • Transparent path junctions
9.Single Sign-on
  • Basic authentication single sign-on
  • Global single sign-on (GSO)
  • Forms single sign-on
  • Single sign-on using HTTP Basic Authentication (BA) headers
  • Supplying client identity and generic password
  • Forwarding original client BA header information
  • Removing client BA header information
10.Session Management Server (SMS)
  • Server Redundancy
  • Using SMS to support redundancy between WebSEAL instances
  • Session management using SMS
11.Logging and Auditing
  • TAMeB and WebSEAL logging capabilities
  • Difference between logging and auditing in a TAMeB context
  • Configuring logging
  • Configuring auditing
12.Producing Reports
  • Common Audit Service (CAS) installation
  • Tivoli Common Reporting (TCR) installation
  • Configuring Tivoli Access Manager components to send audit information to CAS.
  • Generating audit reports
13.Protecting JEE Applications
  • Java authorization contract for containers (JACC) and TAM interaction
  • Configuring authorization and user mapping to secure Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) applications


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