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Boost up your career in the most in-demand employee & Financial cloud-based technology with the “Workday Master’s Program” developed By CloudWorks.

Get Trained on the most demanded Workday Course by yourself prepared by world-class professionals. Get hands-on experience on various Workday technological modules, including Workday HCM, Payroll, Finance, Compensation, Benefits, Recruiting, Studio, Integration, Time Tracking, Prism Analytics, BIRT, Leave& Absence Management, Talent Management etc

Workday Self Master

You will get access to our 16 Workday Courses self-paced video training.

Tenant access:

You will get right away with one year of Tenant access.

About the Program

About the Workday Selfpaced Master Program

The program developed with CloudWorks will make students/professionals industry-ready for Workday job roles.

What can I expect from this Workday Self master’s program?
Upon completion of enrollment, you’ll receive the following :

  • One year Tenant Access
  • Get access to Videos & Materials with lifetime validity
  1. Workday HCM                                               (40 Hours)       – Retail value $359
  2. Workday Integration                                      (28 Hours)       – Retail value $359
  3. Workday Payroll                                            (18 Hours)       – Retail value $399
  4. Workday Finance                                          (30 Hours)       – Retail value $399
  5. Workday Advance Compensation                 (25 Hours)       – Retail value $399
  6. Workday Benefits                                          (25 Hours)       – Retail value $399
  7. Workday Prism Analytics                               (15 Hours)       – Retail value $399
  8. Workday Recruiting                                       (30 Hours)       – Retail value $399
  9. Workday Studio                                             (18 Hours)       – Retail value $399
  10. Workday Time Tracking                                (10 Hours)       – Retail value $399
  11. Workday Leave & Absence Management    (05 Hours)       – Retail value $399
  12. Workday LMS                                               (08 Hours)       – Retail value $359
  13. Workday Basic & Advance Reporting           (10 Hours)        – Retail value $399
  14. Workday BIRT                                              (05 Hours)        – Retail value $399
  15. Workday Advanced Studio                           (40 Hours)        – Retail value $399
  16. Workday Talent Management                      (06 Hours)        — Retail value $399

You can avail this bundle pack (16 courses) deal in a never or forever situation by paying only $999 (Actual Retail value $6264)

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What are the learning objectives:

CloudWorks Workday master’s program helps you achieve the required skills to master Workday in all aspects. The skills focused on this program prepare’s you for your dream career.

Who should take this Workday Self master’s program?

Whoever is working in the Finance and Human resource field can choose the Workday master’s program.

It’s a better career option for HR and Finance background employees to move Workday for having profitable growth.

The workday master program will be an excellent choice to learn all the advanced modules present in the Workday.

What are the Prerequisites for this Workday Self master’s program?

There are no such prerequisites to learn Workday Course. Any professionals/Freshers can choose the Workday master’s program to shape their career.

What kind of opportunities do I get after completing this Workday Master’s Course?

In this present generation, it is becoming difficult for companies to overcome their business challenges. Workday’s cloud platform provided them the solution and aids in addressing the various challenges related to business requirements.

The main area of concern for any business is to manage the employee and finance. Workday provides the perfect platform to overcome that challenge.

In contrast to this, companies are looking out for professionals, which opens plenty of opportunities. Based on several reports and statistics, Workday provides decent compensation on their current packages.

Following are the job roles available for Workday:
Workday Consultant
Workday Analyst
Workday Architect
Workday Functional Consultant

Difficulty: Expert


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