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Course Content

1. Benefit Transactions

. Introduction

  • Foundation review
  • Benefit Transactions
  • Navigations
  • Business Objects
  • Standard screen & task icons
  • Configuration options
  • Organizations
  • Benefit Groups
  • Security
  • Benefit Partner
  • Benefits Administrator
  • Benefits Configuration Review
  • Coverage Targets
  • Who are all allowed to enroll
  • Coverage Target – HAS, types, groups & eligibility
  • Benefit groups
  • Benefits Plans, Events and Business Processes
  • Benefit Plans, Year Definition, Events, Days to Enroll
  • Coordination of Events
  • Enrollment Event Types
  • Distinguish Between Actions, Approvals & To Dos
  • Business Process Condition Rules
  • Benefits and HR Business Process
  • Change Benefits Business Process
  • Enrollment Event Processing
  • Quick walk thru on already available reports
  • Initiating& Reviewing a Benefit Event
  • Importance of Benefit Event Status Report
  • Enrollment Process, Correcting Benefits &Finding Events
  • Correct Benefit Elections
  • Multiple Events for the same Employee& Same Day
  • Processing Rule Priorities
  • Managing Dependents & Beneficiaries& inactivation
  • Configuring the Business Process Dependent Event
  • Court Ordered Benefits for Dependents
  • Passive Events & processing
  • Benefit Plan or Dependent Eligibility Rules
  • Evidence of Insurability & Processing
  • Trigger and Process EOI
  • Open Enrollment & its associated process
  • Open Enrollment Event Type
  • OE initiation, elections & status report & closing
  • Printing Benefit Statements
  • Finalizing OE
  • Coordination of Benefit Events with Open Enrollment
2. Advance Benefits

Benefits set up:
Manage Benefit Coverage Types
How to create
– Health Care Coverage Targets
– Insurance Coverage Targets
– Benefit Providers
– Benefit Groups
– Eligibility rules
Set up
– Benefit Enrollment Instructions
– Benefit Electronic Signatures
Understand Checking Benefit Group Eligibility
Address any question that you may have especially around ‘Benefit Groups’

3. Costs and Rates

 Set Up Insurance Costs
 Manage Individual Benefit Rates

  1. Health Care Rates
  2. Insurance Coverages
  3. Insurance Rates
    Enter Individual Benefit Rates
    Setup Benefit Plans

– Employee Benefit Plans
– Health Care Plans
– Insurance Plans

4. Considerations – Critical Illness Insurance Plans


  1. Retirement Savings Plans
  2. Rules for Allocating Retirement Savings Contributions
  3. Enroll an Employee in Retirement Savings Plans
  4. Health Savings Account Plans
  5. Spending Account Plans
  6. Additional Benefit Plans
5. Enrollment Events and Rules

Set Up
Enrollment Events and Rules&Automatic Benefit Eligibility Checks
 Enrollment Events
 Enrollment Event Rules
 Conditional Messages for Enrollment Events
Enrolling New Hires in Benefits
Discontinue Benefits on Termination
Enrollment Period for Benefit Events
Coordination of Benefits Enrollment Events
Multiple Benefit Events on the Same Day
Plan Changes and Waiting Periods
Benefit Deduction Begin Date Rules

Default Coverage and Auto-Enrollment
Set Up
 Default Benefits Coverage
 Auto-Enrollment for Benefit Plans

6. Cross Plan (CP) Dependencies

 CP Enrollment Prerequisites
 CP Insurance Coverage Maximums
 CP Insurance Percentage Maximums
 CP Retirement Savings Plan Contribution Maximums
 Scenario CP Enrollment Prerequisites

7. Cobra
  • COBRA Automation
  • Eligibility
  • Correct COBRA Eligibility Records
  • Grant COBRA
  • Determine Qualifying Event Date

Difficulty: begginer


8. Medicare

 Medicare Tracking
 Manage Medicare Information


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