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Now, Let’s unleash the power of Data Transformation with the new version of the Technical world.

Be a professional with the evolution of success in developing your skills. The most efficient “Informatica Masters Program” by our world-class professionals in CloudWorks with a great Technicians developed technology by better tutors ever. You can get an outcome of significant progress in your Learning Methods.

This program also offers various modules like Informatica MDM, Informatica PIM, Informatica IDQ, & Informatica Cloud(Data Integration, Application Integration).

Informatica Self Master

Get access to the video content on Informatica MDM, IDQ,PIM, Informatica Cloud(Data Integration, Application Integration)

Lab Access:

You will be provided Tool access for Informatica MDM & Informatica IDQ respectively

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About the program

About the Informatica Selfpaced Master Program

The program developed in collaboration with CloudWorks will prepare students/professionals for their Informatica job roles.

What can I expect from this Informatica Self master’s program?
Upon completion of enrollment, you’ll receive the following :

Get access to content& videos

Also, get the tool access for the below courses Informatica MDM,  Informatica IDQ,  Informatica PIM,  Informatica Cloud ( Data Integration, Application Integration).
1.MDM  (3 Months)
2.IDQ     (1 Month ) Tool access.

There is No tool access for PIM

What are the learning objectives:

CloudWorks gives you an Informatica masters program that helps you with a long-term achievable goal. Get SMART Learning contents to gain the required skills to upgrade your master’s program aspects for your Dream Job.

Who should take this Informatica self master’s program?

The people are working in streams like Business Intelligence professionals, ETL Professionals, Database Developers & SQL, And Mainframe professionals.

It is most better for those working as Business Intelligence professionals in the current employment field. These Course modules will help them get more improvised and exceptional career ahead in other fields.

What are the prerequisites for this Informatica self masters program?

To get started with Informatica, you should have a solid understanding of SQL, mainly functions, joins, and sub-queries. Working knowledge of PL/SQL is also advantageous but not necessary. CloudWorks Informatica is designed for online training to help you learn how to use the ETL tool.

Also, get a Basic knowledge about any added skill in some data scripting language.

What opportunities can I get after completing this Informatica self masters program?

There is a rapid growth in Technology up-gradation in every software and every business field in the present Technical world. This Course became the most crucial & a practical part of all development systems to increase output data workflow more efficiently as an error-free operation for every database configuration source.

Companies, on the other hand, are currently seeking professionals, which creates several opportunities. Informatica pays adequate compensation on their existing packages, according to many surveys and statistics.

Informatica careers includeInformatica Administrator / Engineer, Informatica Developer, Informatica Full Stack Developer, Informatica Engineer, Informatica Specialist, Informatica Consultant, Informatica Business Analyst, and Informatica Project or Program Manager roles also.

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Course Instructor

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