Following are some of the crucial CyberArk Interview Questions and Answers:

Note: this blog also includes CyberArk Technical Interview Questions and CyberArk Implementation Interview Questions.

  1. What is Identity and Access Management (IAM)?

In personal computer safety and security, identification management, likewise called identity and access management (IAM), is the security and service style that “allows the correct people to access the best sources at the correct opportunities and for the appropriate explanations.”

  1. What do you know about CyberArk?

CyberArk is a data security organization offers Privileged Account Security. The organization’s innovation is used essentially in the monetary administrations, energy, retail, and medical care markets. It has a PAS arrangement, a whole life cycle answer for dealing with the firm’s most privileged accounts, and SSH Keys.

  1. Can you explain the use of CyberArk?

CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault, a portion of the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution, has been intended to get, find pivot, and control admittance to advantaged account passwords used to arrive at frameworks during the business IT climate.

  1. How does CyberArk security works?

To every security, several levels of file encryption are provided for the optimal safety of the web content through CyberArk Digital Vault, likewise mentioned as the Enterprise Password Vault (EPV). The securely encrypted keys are stashed in the vault and secured with one more one-of-a-kind vault encryption key. All these secrets are actually at that point handed or even delivered to the individual having appropriate accessibility liberties.

  1. What are the Components of CyberArk?

Components that are included in CyberArk are:

  • Privileged Identity Management (PIM)
  • Enterprise Password Vault (EPV)
  • CPM- Central Policy Manager
  • PVWA- Password Vault Web Access
  • PSM- Privileged Session Manager
  • OPM- On-Demand Privileges Manager
  • AIM- Application Identity Management
  • CVS- Cyber Vault Synchronizer
  • PTA- Privileged Threat Analytics
  1. What are the essentialduties of CyberArk?

CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault, a factor of the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution, is made to identify, secure, control, and rotate access to confidential account security passwords. They are utilized to access any system softwareacross the company in its Information Technology atmosphere.

  1. Is CyberArk a SaaS Solution?

CyberArk Cloud is a SaaS solution that gives a simple course to turn firmly, establish, display sessions, isolate accreditations, etc. In addition, it swiftly supplies economic risk decline to associations.

  1. What is the cost of CyberArk?

CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution is Extremely adaptable and compatible, consisting of a robust set plus analytics feature. Its price begins coming from $35,000.

  1. What do you know about the password vault in CyberArk?

A password vault implies a software application plan that stores a couple of passwords within a safeguarded digital site. By securing that code stored, the code vault offers individuals the facility to use a single professional security password to obtain numerous codes used for more companies or even several websites.

  1. What are the different vault protection layers in CyberArk?

There are four different CyberArk safe defense levels they are

  • Visual security analysis route and also encrypted network interaction.
  • Firewall program and also code-data isolation.
  • Twin command protection and also report shield of encryption.
  • Rough get access to management and also robust authentication.
  1. What is CyberArk Viewfinity?

CyberArk Viewfinity enables organizations to decrease the strike area as well as maintains the customers successfully. This CyberArk Viewfinity permits companies to reduce the individual initiative in IT through taking advantage of depended upon resources.

  1. What is xRay in CyberArk?

CyberArk xRay gathers item logs containing configuration data from various products within a controllable single-step method by substituting today’s facility handbook compilation. You may discuss the collected data with one of your CyberArk or companion, realizing that it is encrypted adequately throughout the move.

  1. What is a Privileged Account in CyberArk?

A privileged account possesses access to social surveillance varieties, visa or MasterCard numbers, and also PHI info, to name a few things. In a broader feeling, the definition of a privileged account is determined due to the kind of sensitive data in the company.

  1. What database passwordscan be managed by CyberArk?

CyberArk can manage four database passwords they are DB2, Oracle DB, MS SQL, MYSQL.

  1. Explain CyberArk password reconciliation.

Reconciliation is a procedure that reviews two sets of records/passwords to examine whether they are actually in the same plan or even certainly not. At that point, the CPM can quickly recast and resolve all of them if the security passwords are not integrated into both the vault and the remote tool.

  1. Explain EPV in CyberArk.

CyberArk EPV belongs to CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution as well as is utilized on all CyberArk Solutions. It is designed to uncover, protect, regulate, turn, and obtain privileged profile passwords suggested to gain access to systems just about everywhere within the provider.

  1. What do you need to allowan auto password reconciliation policy?

For auto password reconciliation policy, the below aspects should be enabled:

  • Password settlement for specific policy
  • Additional profile on the aim at server with plenty legal rights
  • Automatic code verification
  • Password getting back together when a code is unsync
  1. What CyberArk supports user directories?

CyberArk sustains the succeeding User Directories

  • Active Directory
  • Novell eDirectory
  • IBM Tivoli DS
  • Oracle Internet Directory
  1. Why do Businesses need CyberArk PSM?

PSM is a segment of CyberArk that enables report, initiate, and screen privileged sessions and administrative usage of administrative and top-secret messages. Dedicated equipment is not required for the PSM. It must, nonetheless, be mounted on a network-accessible unit.

  1. Which component is used on all CyberArk Solutions?

CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault, a CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution feature, is used on all CyberArk Solutions. It has been created to discover, rest, spin, and use the right of the entrance to privileged profile passwords used for accessibility to structures during the corporation’s course.

  1. Can CyberArk Vault be managed manually?

CyberArk Vault can easily be managed to utilize PrivateArk Client, PrivateArk Web Client, and Private Vault Web Access.

  1. What measures are necessary to register a Privilege Account to CyberArk Pims using Pvwa?

To authorize into a privileged profile, our company need to have to:

  • Produce secure & outline secure operator.
  • Produce PIM Policy.
  • Create CPM & PSM Policy.
  • Add account and its own houses (username, security password, deal with, and so on).
  1. Why should we choose CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solutions?

CyberArk is the best-uncomplicated company that can deliver comprehensive protection from superior and insider assaults to reduce the threats and fulfill higher demands in compliance monitoring. CyberArk has been installed in a vast range of groups and virtual atmospheres, handling added privileged account safety and security obstacles than various other apps.

  1. What is CyberArk Client?

PrivateArk client is the plea of Windows. It is an essentialsoftware used for the solution of PAS as the management client. The customer can quickly get into the Enterprise Password Vault through the world wide web by releasing the client to numerous distant personal computers.

  1. What is PSM?

PSM in three words- Isolate, Management, and Monitor.

Segregate- Avoid cyber-attacks by separating desktop computers from vulnerable aim at machines.

Management- Create responsibility and command over the privileged session with plans, process, and privileged solitary sign-on.

Display- Deliver ongoing tracking and observance with treatment audio and absolutely no impacton the target equipment.

  1. What is PVWA?

The Password Vault Web Access is a fully-equipped internet user interface.It delivers a solitary reassure for requesting, accessing, and taking care of privileged passwords through supervisors and end-users throughout the organization.

  1. What is CPM?

Central Policy Manager gives an innovation in password management, which immediately enforces the business policy. The master/organizational plan can easily change the password instantly on remote equipment and stash the brand new passwords in the Enterprise Password Vault (EPV) without any individual intervention.

  1. Which services are active on the vault?

Here are some services active on vault all time except DR drill below:

  1. PrivateArk database
  2. PrivateArk server
  3. Notification Engine
  4. Logic container
  5. PrivateArk firewall
  6. PrivateArk remote control agent.
  7. What is on-demand for Privileges Manager (OPM)?

On-Demand Privileges Manager supplies a detailed compound that encourages IT and enables comprehensive presence, commands of significant consumers, and sound profiles across the organization. The full Privileged Account Security service allows central monitoring and bookkeeping from a combined product to all components to lucky account management by utilizing the OPM.

  1. What does Privileged Threat Analytics?

CyberArk Privileged Threat Analytics is a safety intellect solution that makes it possible for organizations ahead across, sharp, and react to anonymousprivileged hobbies suggesting an assault in development. The response gathers a focused collection of data from greater than one resource, including the CyberArk Digital Vault, SIEM, and system faucets or even changes.