Following are some of the Guidewire policy center interview questions

1.What is Guidewire?


A guidewire is a top-level application for Insurance Field; it is mainly utilized by insurers from all over the planet to reduce their IT operations and simplify the transactions. Guidewire Software aims for extreme scalability & versatility. Also, it offers insurance firms the ability to provide superior service to insurance holders and representatives and boost market reveal– while reducing operating prices. Guidewire insurance policy procedures are underwriting, billing, policy management, and also claims to control.

2.How many modules are in Guidewire?


These three primary programming items are ClaimCenter, PolicyCenter, and BillingCenter, each overhauling a significant part of a P&C protection transporter. There are various extra modules, just as an expanding number of value-added online administrations gave through Guidewire Live. Guidewire fosters the Gosu programming language; it delivered as open-source in 2010

3.What is meant by insurance coverage?


Insurance coverage signifies that when a singular takes a protection strategy, the guaranteed will be covered by the insurance agency for a particular sum for themselves or the things that he had taken the protection strategy, for which he would be paying expenses the insurance agency. The insurance agency will pay the protected if there should be harm or claims made by the safeguarded by their ‘insurance coverage.’

4.Here at Guidewire Software, we strive for continuous delivery and continuous deployment with our software.


In the enterprises that guidewire Software works in, updates to programming are essential to ending clients remaining at the cutting edge of their business. To guarantee that updates occur as fast and efficiently as could be expected, guidewire Software uses consistent conveyance and nonstop sending for their clients.

5.What is a policy center?


At its center, PolicyCenter outlets relevant information concerning a plan and takes care of a collection of processes that, if accomplished efficiently, lead to adjustments to the policy. Examples of policy modifications are developing a brand-new method, revitalizing a technique for a brand new term, or even canceling a policy. Because of each policy purchase (including a chauffeur to an automobile policy), the device determines the purchase price. If accomplished, PolicyCenter forwards this costs information to an invoicing unit. The prices details are additionally essential for mentioning to regulatory authorities.

6.How do you configure the policy center?


Use Guidewire Studio as the coordinated improvement climate (IDE) to design PolicyCenter to meet your business needs.

See the accompanying advisers for getting familiar with designing, making rules, and utilizing Gosu:

  • PolicyCenter Configuration Guide
  • PolicyCenter Rules Guide
  • Gosu Reference Guide

7.What is the installation process of the policy center?


Operation systems

  • Microsoft Windows Vista SP2
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 10 *

Internet browsers

  • 32-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+
  • 32-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+ *
  • 32-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+ *
  • 32-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+ *
  • 32-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+ *

8.What is a dynamic product model?


PolicyCenter is a dynamic item that could be determined, made, and also implemented within weeks. For every product, the item style specifies what could be given for that item. There would undoubtedly be information concerning accident insurance coverage and uninsured vehicle driver property damages coverage in an auto policy. Your business logic can easily be configured in Studio. If a service provider would like to broaden its item series and possess a traditional mainframe device, it can easily take many months or perhaps years to apply. To put it simply, Guidewire created PolicyCenter to offer brand-new items easily and swiftly carry them to market.

9.Explanation about policy life cycle?


The center of PolicyCenter spins around the approach. So it is helpful to comprehend the lifecycle of a strategy, which incorporates occupations and exchanges, inside PolicyCenter.

10.Define policycenter integration points?


  • legacy policy administration systems
  • billing systems
  • claims systems
  • print insurance systems
  • document storage system
  • database warehouse/ reporting system
  • authentication system
  • contact management or address book application
  • rating engine

11.Integration with other guidewire applications?


The default establishment of PolicyCenter furnishes incorporations with:

  • guidewire billing center
  • guidewire claim center

These combinations are handily empowered. You can modify these incorporations for your business needs.

  • billing system integration
  • claim system integration

12.Describe policy center users?


There are various kinds of customers in PolicyCenter. Typically, customers contribute a ton of energy working on system trades or investigating a methodology’s status to react to questions. Analyzing information is essential: customers search for an interaction record and view open data through the UI.

13.What are the technologies used in the policy center?


The following are the technologies used in the policy center

1.An Integrated Suite Designed for Your environment

These normal abilities permit the best-of-breed applications to be delivered as an incorporated suite. Many frameworks of numerous types, including inheritance centralized computer frameworks, have been combined with our Programming.

2.Flexible Configuration and upgradeability

The application to meet your particulars, the center innovation parts aren’t influenced. In this manner, moving up to exploit usefulness accessible in an application’s new form doesn’t affect your particular arrangement. This design guarantees that you won’t ever be left without a redesigned way because you’ve altered the product to meet an explicit need

14.How can we get success with the policy center?


Market demands With the capacity to make quick item definition and work process changes, PolicyCenter assists you with reacting to administrative changes, advancing business measures, and speed up an ideal opportunity to showcase new items.

PolicyCenter assists you with further developing communications with specialists and policyholders, reliably pass on hunger, and give better administration to clients.

15.What is the critical consideration for policy data conversion?


The information must beCautiously  from inheritance source frameworks to Guidewire

PolicyCenter for sure-fire business needs, future requirements, logical necessities, administrative


  • Active policies and active customers
  • All policies and claims
  • Active claims

16.What is policy management and underwriting your way?


PolicyCenter guarantees that your business rules are reliably applied, assisting you with enhancing hazard choice and decrease misfortune proportions. With a complete perspective on a record, counting value-based history and misfortunes and installments gave on tabs of something similar;Screen financiers can more readily evaluate hazards and settle on the ideal choice.

17.How would you plan a data conversion program?


Information transformation is only a reconsideration of item arrangement, and all the underlying zero-in is on the Guidewire item execution. It is prescribed to regard information change as a significant cycle from the underlying arranging stage. It includes an information transformation expert start with the item necessity examination, hole investigation, and item set up studios.

18.How will you do the data conversion?


The information change programs battling for specific run-of-the-mill difficulties across the globe: absence of documentation, inaccessibility of well-informed inheritance authorities, source information quality issues, information not accommodating, the hazard of information misfortune, and trouble of cost/exertion/plan overwhelms, and so on.

19.What skill sets are required for data conversion?


Information transformation to Guidewire requires explicit jobs and abilities. Our experience proposes that effective information transformations require the proper knowledge in the correct positions. These incorporate Guidewire information planners; information transformation subject matter experts; business investigators; information examiners; remove, change, load (ETL) engineers; ETL analyzers; useful analyzers; project chiefs; and information the board and conveyance subject matter experts.

20.How do you manage policies?


You make and oversee approaches through a web interface. On this virtual Desktop, you make work requests (or occupations) which measure processes differently. The careers include accommodation, issuance, strategy change, recharging, undoing, restore, revamp, and review.

21.How are lines different from products?


General responsibility and business property are the two lines. On the off chance that you address a business, you can purchase an overall obligation item, which incorporates the comprehensive responsibility line. It is a multi-line item rather than a monoline item. Then again, a backup plan can sell various items thatcontain similar lines or lines.

22.Describe policy center tabs?


In PolicyCenter, tabs gather sensible capacities. Tabs can likewise contain menus with alternate routes to screens on that tab

  • Desktop tab
  • Account tab
  • Policy tab
  • Search tab
  • Team tab
  • Administration tab

23.What are search policies?


Search policies approve search you to search for policies and work orders.


Final Audit

Policy Change

Premium Report





24.What are search contacts?


The Search Contacts screen shows a rundown of coordinating with contacts. Snap the contact Name to display the Contact Details screen. This screen contains the accompanying tabs

Contact details, addresses, accounts, policies, open work orders