Following are the Saviynt interview questions and answers: 

1.     What is Saviynt?

Saviynt is accelerated and broadly using the cloud safety and security and identity governance solution service provider. Saviynt promotions a solitary system for data defense and also cloud as well as enterprise treatments. Saviynt specifies on its own in addition to its peers through offering brand-new functions to lessen protection hazards.

2.     What is Saviynt’s Intelligent Access Request?

Saviynt’s Intelligent Access Request allows the individuals and a straightforward technique to comprehend strange or even high-risk gain access to asks for. This sophisticated component of Saviynt boosts worker efficiency by dealing with the expected permit to permissions.

3.     What are the Benefits of Saviynt’s Intelligent Access Request?

Following are the significant advantages:

  • Quick Access
  • Request access without resistance
  • Easy recognition of risk
  • Uncomplicated approval process design

4.     What are the different API calls available in Saviynt?

Following are the various API calls available in Saviynt

  • APIs for Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD)
  • APIs for managing access requests and approval workflow
  • APIs for management analytics and dashboards
  • APIs for managing rules
  • APIs for delegation administration
  • APIs for Segregation of Duties (SoD)
  • APIs for rule engineering

5.     What are the applications of Saviynt IGA?Saviynt Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) delivers durable safety and security bodies to secure a company’s crucial data. It boosts company productivity by giving the appropriate accessibility for the correct amount of your time to the best consumers.

6.     What are the primary operations performed by Saviynt?

Below mentioned are the core operations performed by Saviynt:

  • Modernizing Legacy IGA
  • Third-Party/Vendor Access
  • Governance for Multi-Cloud
  • Machine Identities
  • Govern Internal Identities
  • Continuous Compliance

7.     Name a few applications that integrated with Saviynt?

  • AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Epic and Cerner
  • SAP and Oracle
  • Workday and Salesforce
  • Box and O365
  • Azure AD and Okta
  • ServiceNow
  1. What are the modules emerged in Saviynt?

Here are some of them. I want to inform you:

  • Request Certification
  • User Administration
  • SOD Management Continuous Controls
  • Reports of Identity Analytics
  • Roles / Rule / Policy Management
  • Password Management
  1. What is Saviynt Identity Bot?

Saviynt’s Identity Bot is an automatic solution to boost application onboarding, reduce expenses, and strengthen efficiency. It conveniently attaches inconsonant applications and allows them to automate consumer gain access without a combination method. iBOT promptly onboarded functions to Saviynt’s IGA system to ensure smooth-functioning, multi-application data handling and boosted access to the administration.

10. What are the products and platforms secured by Saviynt?

Infrastructure Access Management

Data Access Governance

Application Access Governance

External Access Governance

Identity Governance and Intelligence

11. What is the multi-dimensional RISK model in Saviynt?


Classification / Glossary

Segregation of duty policies

Context-based access policies

Security & Compliance controls


Outlier / Peer analysis

Access outside role

Usage analysis

Behavior analysis



User type

Threat intelligence/vulnerability

12. What are the types of Campaigns in Saviynt?

User Manager: This Campaign supplies Line Managers’ capacity to license and examine gain access to their straight records.

Service Account: This Campaign gives the capacity for Generic Account protectors to evaluate and accredit gain access to designated Generic Accounts. These Generic profiles could be Service Accounts or even Shared Funds, depending upon the extent of qualification.

Entitlement Owner: This Campaign delivers the ability for Entitlement Owners to assess and also accredit the
titles they have

Role Owner: This Campaign delivers the ability for Role Owners to examine as well as license the tasks they
very own

13. What are actors in a Campaign in Saviynt?’

  • Certifier – User Managers/ Role Owners/ Entitlement Owner/ Service Account Owner
  • End User – Consumers who gain access to is being evaluated through a certifier
  • Delegate – An individual whom the Certifier has handed over their duties to
  • Campaign Owner – Person that possesses the Campaign coming from SAM Support group
  • Access provisioning team – In the scenario of hand-operated provisioning
  • SAM Role Admin/ L3 Support Role

14. What is IGA in Saviynt?

Typically, identification Governance and Administration and Governance differ in its title and functionality one of Organizational Entities. Some Organizational Entities check out Identity Governance and Administration as an after-the-fact feature to demonstrate how improperly the IDM group performed its task.

15. What is Saviynt’s security manager?

Saviynt makes it possible for companies to safeguard functions, data, and facilities in a singular system for Cloud (Office 365, AWS, Azure, Salesforce, Workday) and Enterprise (SAP, Oracle EBS). Saviynt is lead-in IGA 2.0 by incorporating sophisticated danger analytics, knowledge, and powdery advantage monitoring.

16. Name a few of Saviynt Features?

ADMIN tab: It may deal with individuals, Protection bodies, Funds, Titles, Functions, Individual Teams, Endpoints, Interaction, Password Plans, Organizations.
ATTESTATION tab: It could be used to make an Initiative and authentication for the certification of accessibility w.r.t many services.
ROLE tab: It could be used to produce Role, Role Mining, and Entitlement Discovery.
SOD tab: It could be utilized to publish as well as generate and handle SOD. It features SOD Violations, SOD Reports, Mitigating Controls, Ruleset, Risk, Functions, and Ruleset Requests.
ARS tab: It may be utilized to demand accessibility for personal, others, and likewise hand over consumer commendation asks for. It can efficiently be used for a code reset, upgrading individual particulars, producing functions, and so on

17. What is an Authoritative Source?

An authoritative application is likewise called the solitary resource of truth– which is taken into consideration precisely. The typical application is beginning or even looking at an exact document and appropriate coming from keeping the customers’ data. Mostly the customers are consistently resolved coming from the authoritative resource of the application

18. What is Segregation of Duties in Saviynt?

It is a vital foundation to handle the threat of internal scams and mistakes by requiring various folks to conduct multiple tasks to accomplish a service method.

19. Explain about Access Request System in Saviynt.

Access Request System (ARS) to take care of accessibility control, gain access to demands and approvals. It is a user-friendly interface that is smooth around the internet and mobile phone (iOS and Android). It provides end-users complete adaptability in handling their asks for, inspecting standing, establishing a mission of authorization, managing to gain access to licenses, and more.

20. What is the Identity Access Rule in Saviynt?

Identity Access Rules are a collection of guidelines that are caused based upon particular circumstances defined; activities are triggered. Utilizing the Global Configuration setups, you may determine the Identity Access rule enhancement or even adjustment operations.

21. Define Entitlements.

Entitlement pertains to the intellectual portrayal of a benefit within a device or even an app. Entitlements are usually related to profiles in profile databases.

22. What are Orphan Accounts?

An orphaned consumer profile describes the active accounts depending on the profiles identification database, which does not have any individual link with the profile.

23. What is Authoritative Source in Saviynt?

A reliable application is also called the solitary resource of fact, which is considered correct. The conclusive document is getting started or considering an exact and proper request from saving the customers’ data.

24. What do Connected Applications mean in Saviynt?

Applications that may be straight linked to Saviynt utilizing OOTB adapters offered through Saviynt based upon connection guidelines are linked apps. LinkedIn apps are those for which the automatic provisioning’ banner is allowed in the Security System.

25. What are the primary duties of Saviynt technology?

It helps make risk-aware accessibility selections throughout the identification lifecycle.
It likewise streamlines solution profile monitoring.
Decreases the dependency on IT procedures through equipping individuals and also admins along with self-service attributes.
It makes sure exposure, management, and also conformity with the Control.
Automate provisioning jobs along with Identity Bot– an integrated RPA engine